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What materials do you use to create your jewelry?

Providing a high quality product is very important to me. Griffin Maille jewelry is made predominantly from stainless steel, a very durable, affordable, and easy-to-care-for material. Almost everything that is silver in color is stainless steel, jump rings, chains, findings and clasps. We also use anodized aluminum, copper and are getting ready to add titanium into the mix. All earrings have stainless steel hooks/posts or you can request titanium for an extra charge.

If I have nickel allergies, can I wear stainless steel?

Very few people with metal allergies are allergic to stainless steel. That being said, stainless steel does contain a trace amount of nickel, which is most often the culprit of metal allergies. However, the nickel is bound tightly within the structure of the stainless steel, so it is generally non-reactive with skin. You are the best judge of what you can and can’t wear, according to your past history. Everyone is different.

How do I clean my jewelry? Will it tarnish?

Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and titanium will not tarnish or rust in normal conditions, but may appear to get dull over time from excessive wear or exposure to the environment. It is not the metal turning color by a chemical reaction, it is simply surface residue from your skin’s natural oils and/or dirt or other substances from the environment.

If needed, you may easily shine up your stainless steel by rubbing it between your hands with a liberal amount of liquid dish soap (I recommend one that is great for “cutting through grease”). Rinse well and dry thoroughly with a towel.

Copper you will darken with age and certain skin chemistries react turning metal or skin green. No other rub off. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner or chemical like Brasso, just remember to dry quick to prevent corrosion.

Use caution when cleaning any jewelry with beads, stones, or any other non-stainless material. You may try a jewelry polishing cloth or a very soft brush with soap to clean the metal parts, while avoiding the stones.

The best way to care for or store any jewelry is by keeping it in an airtight container, such as an airtight bag or a jewelry box. Griffin Maille jewelry is very durable, but nothing is indestructible. It is always best to handle the items with care. How you treat your jewelry will affect how long it lasts. So be good to it!

Do you accept returns & exchanges?

I gladly accept returns, exchanges, and cancellations. Please read the Terms of Use for more information.

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